Originally from the Maritimes, Daven Atma now makes his home in British Columbia, Canada.  Atma brings the singer-songwriter tradition of the 1960’s American Folk Music Revival period into the modern era.  Heavily influenced by the sound of early Bob Dylan music, the inspiration can be heard in Atma's lyrical style and his unique vocal inflection.  His original music includes both catchy, up-tempo tunes with crafty, sometimes witty lyrics at their core, as well as deeper, more reflective material.

Atma achieved local notoriety through the release of his debut CD, Ahead To Square One in 2013. This is a compilation of mostly original songs along with two tributes to Bob Dylan in Jokerman and The Times They Are A-Changin. With the release of his second CD, To Step Two in 2015, Atma began gaining national and international recognition through online radio, streaming and social media outlets with his original songs like First Night Of November and The Price You Pay.

Atma is now nearing completion of the recording process for his latest CD, Three Of A Kind, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2017. Two of his original songs from this CD, Desiree and Nobody But Myself, have been recorded being performed live in-studio in a series of videos completed in late 2016. Click on the 'Music & Videos' tab for these as well as ‘sneak previews’ of CD versions of other songs from Three Of A Kind.

Daven Atma is a firm believer in preserving the integrity of the vocal performance during the recording process.  No vocal tuning software or equipment is used in the production or live performances of his music.

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